About Us

LIFE FM: A reliable medical informational source in Georgia

LIFE FM, which broadcasts on radio frequency FM 90.8, focuses on topics such as healthcare, medicine, healthy lifestyles and innovations in the medical field. The new station seeks to promote healthy lifestyles and become the first truly visual radio station in Georgia.

LIFE FM provides information regarding the effective prevention, identification and management of various diseases, and offers listeners an opportunity to receive information about state programs and commercial services provided by those working in the physical and mental health sphere. The station also aims to raise the public’s awareness of medical and psychological problems.


A broad spectrum of medical topics on one frequency

Whether it’s pediatrics, cardiology, infectious disease, ophthalmology, oncology, psychology, folk medicine, sport or general health, LIFE FM will host a wide range of cutting-edge medical professionals from inside and outside of Georgia. Niche topics like aesthetic medicine and healthcare projects ongoing in Georgia’s penitentiary system will also be featured, along with topics specifically selected by the listeners. LIFE FM’s audience will have ample opportunity to call into the programs and ask our guests the questions they want answers to.


Multimedia platform 4U

LIFE FM radio is a part of the multimedia platform 4U, a unique multimedia group that includes JAKO FM, LIFE FM, and Shokoladi radio.


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